Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer. | (Microsoft)

Streaming services are all the rage these days. You have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. These services stream films and TV shows current and from the past. Because of this a lot of people out there are cutting the cord. Meaning they are ditching cable and satellite services and using these services.

One of the main areas of entertainment not jumping in on this cord cutting, bandwagon is sports. The NBA, NHL and NFL do not have a streaming service to watch live games. The MLB has MLB TV where you can pay to stream every game outside of your viewing area. Meaning if you live in Michigan and want to watch the Tigers you cannot stream them on MLB TV.

Change could be coming as Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is looking into starting a streaming service for Clippers game broadcasts. The Clippers had a contract with Fox Sports Prime Ticket which expired at the end of this season. If it becomes a reality this could start a trend with major sports. If all teams create their own streaming services it could spell the end of cable TV.

I think the major player in this will be the NFL if the teams and league create their own streaming service and no longer broadcast on TV it could spell the end for broadcast TV. A majority of Americans are sports and football fans and me personally as well. I only watch TV when there is a live sporting event on. So if a streaming service for these sporting events becomes available at a good price I will definitely go that route. I think that streaming services are the future but we will just have to wait and see, because cable and broadcast TV will have something to say about that.