Buck 92’s “My Pet, My Heart” Contest!

Buck 92 radio knows that Valentine’s Day is cliche as it is, that’s why we are changing it up this year to include your favorite furry little loved ones…with our “My Pet, My Heart” contest!

Just submit to us (below) a photo with you & your pet “together!”

As we get closer to Valentines Day, we’ll randomly select photos of you & your pet and put them up here to vote on.

The one with the most votes, at the end of the contest, will be declared the winner & will receive the Grand Prize!

So, start digging through your photos now or just take one with your pet right now & send it over.

Buck 92.3FM is celebrating Valentine’s Day just a little bit differently, this year!

To submit:  email address to send to:  shawn@wczy.net

Give us:  Your Name (first & last); Phone number; Pets Name & photo (.jpg format only)!  In the subject line, put My Pet Contest!