EEO REPORT 2021/2022



This report covers the period:  June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022       

Please note that for the majority of this reporting period, the employment unit had 4 or fewer employees           



1.)          Employment Unit:  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


2.)          Stations in Employment Unit:      WCZY (FM)-Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

WMMI (AM) and 92.3 W222CP (FM)-Shepherd, Michigan


3.)          EEO Contact Information for Employment Unit:


Contact Person/Title:

               Laurie Peters, Owner


Mailing Address:                                                           Telephone

Latitude Media LLC                                                      (989) 772-9664

4895 E. Wing Road

Mt. Pleasant   MI  48858


4.)          Full-Time Positions Filled By Job Title & Date Filled:


  Job Title Date Filled Recruitment Source Referring Hiree Number of Interviews
1. Morning Show Co-Host 10/8/21 1 1


Total Number of People Interviewed for All Job Positions:    1   


5.)          Recruitment Sources:


  Recruitment Source (Name, Address, Telephone, Contact Person) Total Number of Interviewees this Source Provided During This Period Full-Time Positions for Which This Source Was Utilized
1. Local resident who very successfully filled in

as morning show co-host during the previous years



Position 1


2. Michigan Association of Broadcasters On-Line Job Board 9/29/21 to 10/8/21

222 N. Chestnut Street

Lansing MI 48933


0 Position 1


3. My 1043 and Buck 92 Websites 10/6/21 to 10/20/22 0 Position 1


6.)          Supplemental Recruitment Initiatives:



10/4/21               General Manager, Bob Peters, and Sports Producer, Chris Spachman were guest speakers at Central Michigan University BCA 508 and discussed radio promotions as well as how the students can make radio a career. Dr. Will Anderson invited Bob and Chris.


Weekly                 All Marketing Consultants participate in weekly sales training utilizing the “Local Broadcast Sales” program.  This training is held consistently throughout the year.  This training strengthens the skills necessary for advancement in broadcast sales management.


Ongoing               Latitude Media LLC has an internship program established for students attending high school, trade school, community college, or university.  Each student is given the opportunity, over the course of an academic semester, to gain skills in on-air broadcasting, copywriting, social media and web writing, promotions, and on-air show preparation.  Students must be enrolled in a program related to the broadcast industry, and their internship must be endorsed, supported, and monitored by the sponsoring school.  As part of the internship program established, many academic programs offer students’ academic credits for their internship experience.  During the period covered by this report, Latitude Media LLC had one student intern involved in the program who came to us via CMU.


Ongoing               General Manager, Bob Peters, is a contributing member of the Student Advisory Board at the Gratiot Isabella Career Technical Center, working with broadcast students and educators discussing future skills and needs for careers in the broadcast industry.


Ongoing               General Manager, Bob Peters, is an elected board member of the Workforce Development Board of the Great Lakes Bay Region Michigan Works!  The purpose of this Federal program is to meet the needs of today’s employers by assisting in specific training to their needs including the broadcast industry.


Ongoing               General Manager, Bob Peters, is an elected board member of the Career Education Advisory Committee. He is working with technical centers in region 7B of Michigan Works!


Ongoing               General Manager, Bob Peters, attends weekly Chamber of Commerce networking groups where he is able to share information about broadcast marketing as well as careers in the field of broadcasting.


Ongoing               Office Manager, Laurie Peters, schedules approximately 10 EEO Recruiting Announcements on each station each month. These notices request local organizations to let us know if they would like to be notified whenever the station employee unit has an opening.