While you wait for the turkey and the pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving to fully digest, Star Line Mackinac Island ferry wants to remind us that summer isn’t that far away. Star Line, who recently acquired vessels from defunct Arnold, has half-off round trip tickets on their website right now for Cyber Monday. Adult tickets run you $13, while kids tickets cost $7.

As you might expect, this is a limited offer. You’ll need to order by midnight on Monday, November 28th. With the stress of holiday shopping, and the excitement of Christmas, you probably aren’t thinking about summer. But hey, the price here is solid if you know you’re going to the island in 2017. While you’re up north, make sure you check out some of the other U.P. activities too! Star Line also offers limited winter service. So, if you plan to visit Mackinac before April, for some reason, this could also be a good deal.

Of course, Star Line is far from the only company with Cyber Monday specials. WIRED put together a good list of some of the best deals. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!