If someone carved a Mt Rushmore of food celebrities today, Alton Brown would play the George Washington role. No offense Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay! The star of Food Network smash hits like Good Eats and Iron Chef America has been entertained Americans while helping us eat smarter for more than two decades.

While devotees anxiously await Alton’s new online cooking show, he’s provided us with several entertaining shorts in the meantime. Whether he’s showing us how to make a literal grilled cheese, or reviewing some of the dumbest kitchen devices on Amazon, Alton Brown has a gift for informing and entertaining.

His newest video shows off the fridge hack we all needed, but never thought to try. At the beginning, you sympathize with Alton struggling to get the last quarter of the mustard bottle on his hot dog. And by the end, you feel dumb for not coming up with his 50 cent solution for yourself.

Behold: the fridge hack you’ve been waiting for: