A 12 pack of tunes for your ride home – from Dick Sova Auto Sales/Shepherd!


Getting off of work & riding home has never been more fun than with Buck 92’s “5 O’Clock Cool Country 12-Pack!”  Sponsored locally through Dick Sova Auto Sales in Shepherd!  When the workday is done & you need an excellent stress reliever, tune in as we roll out (12) fun, sing-a-long and upbeat songs!

You can make a request (or 2) and we’ll do our best to get them on the air for you during this hour.

Requests can be made through:  Facebook.com/Buck92Radio OR by emailing us at shawn@wczy.net.

Buckle up & enjoy the ride – with the “5 O’CLOCK COOL COUNTRY 12-PACK” right here on Buck 92!

*This Feature is locally brought to you through Dick Sova Auto Sales of Shepherd!