Joe Walters – Afternoons (2-7pm) on Buck 92!

Joe Walters drives you home weekday afternoons from 2-7pm here on Buck 92!



Hey there, I’m Joe Walters! You’ll find me Bootin,’ Scootin,’ & Groovin to the tunes of County Legends in the Afternoon on Buck 92.3 WMMI!

Born and raised in Beal City, Michigan, my roots run deep in mid-Michigan communities. From my early years in the Beal City Bands and local sports teams to now, where I still channel that passion for musicianship and showmanship. When I’m not rocking the airwaves, you might catch me jamming with multiple local bands or spinning tracks at weddings.

My radio journey kicked off at 95.3 in town, sparked by my high school sports call-ins at WCZY-FM. Mid-Michigan has been my stomping ground for years!

What fuels my fire? It’s the people, and the chance to brighten someone’s day with a melody or a laugh. When I’m not behind the mic, you’ll spot me teeing off on the links with friends or chasing pucks in local hockey games. My love for broadcasting doesn’t stop at the station – I’ve spread it to my friends through podcasting adventures. My winter “wonderland” is up-north, for some snowmobiling fun in the UP with my crew. When time permits, I’m firing up Twitch.TV to live-stream various hobbies.

If you were to sum me up in a few words, I’m upbeat, concise, friendly, excited, and open-minded. I kicked off my radio career at the ripe age of 16, and I’ve been living the dream ever since. My mantra is simple: “Treat everyone with love and kindness. If we all do that, we’ll ALL be a little better off.” When I’m not working or rocking out, I’m cuddling with my feline pals, Moo-Shu and Bear, or hitting the trails with my trusty sidekick, Louis the dog. Music is my heartbeat, and you’ll often find me performing with friends, creating melodies that resonate with our community.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Latitude Media team (of Buck 92.3 & My1043) bringing news, fun, and a whole lot of good vibes! So, buckle up, tune in, and let’s have a blast on Buck 92.3!