Shiver-me-timbers! Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet Ferry just added a pirate ship to its fleet. And the Good Fortune sets sail this summer.

First of all, the pirate ship is fully functional! This includes working water cannons, and a bar for night cruises. So, expect Star Line to roll out additional journeys in the coming months and years.

Star Line purchased the family-friendly vessel as part of an asset sale agreement with Arnold Transit, the classic Mackinac Island ferry company who has struggled financially in recent years. Also, the purchase includes five additional ferries. The two companies also agreed on the sale of a freight boat, and four docks.

Jerry Fetty, CEO of Star Line said in a statement, “Star Line is looking forward to an exciting season of new ferries, increasing and improving options for our passengers along with the addition of the family-friendly pirate ship Good Fortune.”

The Good Fortune will sail to Mackinac Island an average of five times daily, during peak season. Should be great if you scored one of the Cyber Monday ticket special last year.