Netflix has been around for a while now, and it seems to be more watered down than ever to me.  There are so many “Netflix Originals” pushed on me, I don’t know where they end and the other stuff begins!  It also seems that anything can now be on Netflix, I have started and stopped a lot of Netflix movies in the last year after ten minutes or so.  When the service was first available, it seemed that every old movie you wanted to rent was on there.  Every show you had’nt seen in five years was there as well.  Now, all that stuff may be there, but hell if I can find it with other the other crud on there!  Don’t get me wrong, Netflix still offers a wonderful service and will always be great for binge watching your favorite shows.  My issue at this point is I spend too much time weeding through the mess of random movies and TV shows that should have been put into an outhouse entertainment system as opposed to my living room…Then when i find something interesting I shut it off after ten minutes,and I am back in the weeds.

Such first world problems in the reality of everyday life, but there is my Netflix rant, does anyone have any suggestions for me?