GI SOTM 2023-2024 – VOTE NOW & as often as you wish!

My-1043, Buck 92.3/AM830 WMMI, Bills Custom Fab, Soaring Eagle Waterpark & Hotel, Jons Country Burgers, ICCU, My-Michigan & JNR Engraving along with the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center present the return of our Student of the Month!

Whenever students go above & beyond in and out of the classroom throughout the school year, teachers & administrators take notice and they nominate those to become Students of the month. Below, you vote on them (as often as you wish). At the end of each month, the student who receives the most votes will be awarded the prize package from our sponsors and local business supporters.


LAURA BROWN – Mt. Pleasant

Nominating Teacher: Tanja Dunn – Culinary Arts

Laura Brown has been in Culinary Arts Program for the past three years. She has excelled in all areas of the kitchen. She is extremely talented and has great organizational and time management skills. She is my “go-to” person to get things done. When I put her on any job in the kitchen, I am guaranteed it will be done correctly. Laura is very comfortable and knowledgeable in the kitchen and often takes on a leadership role to mentor new students and helps them to be successful in the kitchen. Laura has earned several scholarships during her years in the Culinary Program. Most recently she attended the Nate Santelli  ProStart summer camp on the campus of the Culinary Institute of Michigan at Baker College in Port Huron. She also competed in the Regional Skills USA competition, as well as the Skills USA State competition in Grand Rapids. Laura recently started working as a Co-Op student at the local Korean restaurant Jib-Bob and is putting her skills to work. Laura is a member of the National Technical Honor Society as well as the Varsity Swim Team.

Laura possesses a positive attitude, dependable work ethic and a high level of trustworthiness. Laura is a senior and is planning to attend Culinary School. Her dream is to open a bakery or restaurant that caters to people with food allergies. I can’t wait to see what she will achieve in the future and I am looking forward to being a guest at her future restaurant.


Amy Schell – Educational Careers

Lexie is an outstanding 2nd year Educational Careers student. Her goal is to pursue a teaching degree starting next Fall.  She is very hardworking and a great role model for her peers and elementary students.  Lexie worked in a 4th grade classroom last year and is currently working in a 2nd grade class as a cadet teacher this year.  She has over 200 hours in the last two years in the classroom.  She gives 100% to everything she does from creating engaging activities/lesson plans to decorating the classroom.  She is a big part of the classroom and is always willing to help her classmates and elementary students be more successful.

I am very happy Lexie is part of our amazing program, people like her make the classroom a better place.  She is warm, caring, helpful, easy to talk to and willing to work with anyone.  She always has a smile on her face and welcomes the opportunity to help when asked.  She will be an asset to any classroom in the future.

OCTOBER 2023 Student of the Month: 

Eli Buccilli – Mt. Pleasant

Nominating Teacher: Aaron Kipfmiller- Drafting

Eli Buccilli, has proven to be an exceptional student in both architectural and mechanical drafting. He stands as a shining example of dedication and talent in the fields of engineering and design. What truly sets Eli apart is his remarkable ability to work independently with little or no direction from me, his teacher. He consistently exhibits a self-driven approach, tackling complex drafting projects with confidence and delivering impressive results. Notably, Eli’s exploration of 3D printing for architectural models showcases his innovative thinking and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what he is learning. He’s ingeniously integrated 3D printing into his projects, producing detailed and precise architectural models that have not only impressed me, but they have also inspired fellow students that are eager to follow in his footsteps. Eli’s consistent pursuit of excellence, self-directed initiative, and his willingness to go above and beyond in supporting his peers make him a deserving nominee for the Student of the Month award, embodying the spirit of achievement and collaboration in the world of architectural and mechanical design.

SEPTEMBER 2023 Student of the Month:

Isabella Valenzuela-Watson-Mt. Pleasant High School                               *(Nominating Teacher: Andrea Langley- Graphic Design)

I highly recommend Izzy because she has shown great potential and a passion for creativity.  She has shown willingness to learn and her dedication to excellence in design have stood out amongst her  peers.  It has been my pleasure to have taught Izzy in three of my classes.   Each time she earned an A in my class, which is well above the class average. In her sophomore year, she took on many client jobs on top of her course load.  Her tireless work ethic was showcased through her knowledge of both design and machine operation by the end of the school year. Izzy helps run The Foster Closet of Isabella County, a non-profit organization to help kids in foster care get what they need for free for the past 5 years. She is on the varsity bowling team and the JV tennis team. In her free time, she likes to volunteer, participate in clubs, and work a part time job. She enjoys helping her peers and working with others. Izzy is part of the Interact Club and the CTE club. Her favorite part of graphic arts is the creativity, vinyl, and being able to have a class that has a family bond. Over the summer she helped with the GI-TEC summer camp.