From Dr Dave Ultimate Prep:

A Georgia state lawmaker is resigning after dropping his pants and shouting the N-word on a TV show.

Republican Jason Spencer announced his resignation last night. Spencer appeared on the satirical Showtime series, “Who Is America?” Sunday, and was tricked into believing he was learning self-defense from a former Israeli military officer.

The officer was actually comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise, who tricked Spencer into exposing his backside, yelling the N-word and making anti-gay remarks. Cohen’s character told Spencer that these behaviors would protect him against terrorists.

Spencer told the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” that he had received death threats as a lawmaker, and his fears were so heightened at the time that he was not thinking clearly. He says “Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked.”
Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution