Buck 92 & GI Tech Student of the Month 22-23 School Year!

Buck 92, My-1043, Isabella Community Credit Union, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, JNR Engraving, Bills Custom Fab, My-Michigan Podcasts.com and the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center present the return of our Student of the Month!

Whenever students go above & beyond in and out of the classroom throughout the school year, teachers & administrators take notice and they nominate those to become Students of the month.  Below, you vote on them (as often as you wish).  At the end of each month, the student who receives the most votes will be awarded the prize package from our sponsors and local business supporters.


Jillian Matyorauta- Mt. Pleasant High School

Nominating Teacher: Stephanie Morey- Marketing

In her second year as a marketing student, Jillian has made significant contributions to the program. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others makes her a strong leader for her classmates. In marketing, she continues to excel not only in her curriculum but as a leader for the program itself including as a member of the GI-TEC Marketing Advisory Committee. She was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society this year and strongly possesses all the qualities of a dedicated student. Jillian is also a third-year member of Business Professionals of America.

As a testament to her strong skill set, she was elected to the 2022-2023 GI-TEC BPA Chapter officer team as President. She has contributed countless hours to assist in coordinating Marketing and BPA events. She has successfully competed and placed in individual and team events at the regional, state and National BPA Leadership Conferences. In addition to her coordination of activities and overall chapter management, Jillian invests countless hours in preparation for her events and mentors’ fellow members, as well.

Jillian also plays a leadership role in the MPHS Tennis program as a 3rd year varsity player. In addition to all the above-mentioned activities, Jillian maintains a GPA of 3.9. While her many commitments are time consuming, she has managed to fulfill her responsibilities as well as continue to manage the other groups and activities she has committed her time and talents to.

Finally, the most significant qualities that Jillian possesses is that she conducts herself in a responsible and respectful manner.   She is self-directed, sees what needs to be done and completes the work efficiently.  Jillian is a respected, effective, mature, and positive leader that we are fortunate to have as part of our Marketing program and BPA Chapter!

Harold Strickland– Mt. Pleasant

Nominating Teacher: Aaron Kipfmiller- Drafting

I have had the pleasure of Harold attending my program since the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Harold started off the school year keeping to himself and being relatively quiet, and he has since grown into a leader in the classroom. Harold brings an immense amount of additive manufacturing (3D printing) personal experience to the Mechanical Drafting program, which has been a huge help with educating myself and other students. Harold has become the 3D printing subject matter expert for my morning classes and has been sharing his knowledge base with his classmates daily, showing them how to operate and troubleshoot 3D printing projects.

Recently, Harold took the lead on a 3D printer equipment upgrade project, whereas 6 of our 14 printers were due for necessary repairs. Harold identified the root cause of several maintenance issues and researched and identified the parts required for the repairs. During this process, Harold not only identified the parts that needed to be replaced, but he also researched potential parts that could be upgraded so that our 3D printers could have improved technologies. Once the replacement/upgraded parts arrived, Harold managed the repair process by removing and replacing the components he identified during the troubleshooting process, until all our 3D printers were back online.

Harold has become an indispensable team member for the Mechanical Drafting program, and I am looking forward to his continued personal and professional growth!

Hailey Reid- Mt. Pleasant

Nominating Teacher: Megan Williams- Interior Design

A senior from Mt. Pleasant High School, Hailey is a fantastic student to have in class and always comes to class with a smile on her face. She joined the interior design program as a freshman, something not many students are able to do. Each year she has built upon her knowledge of design and learned how these concepts apply in the professional industry. Hailey has been a member of the National Technical Honor Society for two years because of her leadership skills, commitment to advancing her knowledge of the industry, and professional demeanor.

Outside of school, Hailey dual enrolls at Mid-Michigan College, is currently employed at Dairy Queen, and was a member of the MPHS varsity Volleyball team.

Hailey has a very bright future ahead, whether it be in interior design or any other field she decides on. Because of this, I am happy to nominate her for the my104.3 student of the month.



ADRIA REED – Shepherd High School

Nominating Teacher: Andrea Langley- Graphic Arts

Fun, positive, intelligent, supportive. That is how I would describe Adria. She handles every issue, every confrontation, every problem with the same positive demeanor and is never afraid of adding a little humor to a situation. Adria is an incredibly sweet person who always displays good manners in class. She brings a smile to her teachers every day! Adria is considerate of others and works well with her peers. She respects herself and everyone she comes into contact with. She is truly a pleasure to have on the design team!! Adria’s willingness to learn and her dedication to excellence in design have stood out amongst her peers.  It has been my pleasure to have taught Adria in two of my classes.   Each time she earned an A in my class. I believe that Adria already demonstrates leadership skills, and this will enable her to be successful in her professional Graphic Design career.



Adam Blizzard– Mt. Pleasant

Nominating Teacher: Kyle Campbell- Small Engines

A junior from Mt. Pleasant High School, Adam is a fantastic student to have in class and always comes to class with a smile on his face. He came into the small engines program last year with only a little bit of knowledge but has improved his skills drastically over the last year. Adam is always willing to lend a hand where needed. If there is a problem that he is unable to solve, he always asks great questions until he comes to a solution.

Outside of school, Adam is currently employed at Recker Motor Sports. During his time with there, he has gained real-world experience and a lot of industry knowledge. His co-workers see him as a hard working and intelligent young man. Looking toward his senior year, I am excited to see how he continues to hone his skills through the hands-on experiences provided by both the small engines program and his work placement.

Adam has a very bright future ahead, whether it be in the powersports industry or any other field he decides on. Because of this, I am happy to nominate him for the my104.3 student of the month.


Katelyn Schell- Mt. Pleasant High School

Nominating Teacher: Amy Schell- Educational Careers

Katelyn is an amazing 2nd year Educational Careers student, and she will be pursuing a teaching degree starting next Fall. She is very hardworking and a great role model for her peers and elementary students. Katelyn has worked in a Kindergarten and a 3rd grade classroom as a cadet teacher for over 200 hours in the last two years. She gives 100% to everything she does from creating engaging activities/lesson plans to decorating bulletin boards. She is extremely creative, artistic, and passionate about anything she is part of.

Outside of the classroom Katelyn is also very involved with her community and school events. She is a four-year starter for Mt. Pleasant High School’s volleyball and basketball team. She also plays travel volleyball, shows pigs, and does craft projects at the local fair. Through 4-H, she volunteers for many events such as helping cook Thanksgiving dinner for our local elderly home, collects donations for the homeless shelter, and baking food for the annual Toys for Tots bake sale.

Katelyn will be an outstanding teacher and her students will love working with her.


PAIGE SIAN (Mt Pleasant High School)

Nominating Teacher: Megan Williams- Interior Design

Paige fosters leadership, hard work, commitment, and community in and out of the classroom. I trust her to help students when I am unavailable or out of the classroom and have complete confidence that she will guide them in the right direction. Paige continually shows advanced thinking in all her work. One aspect I enjoy about our relationship is how she challenges me in our discussions and has a deep desire to develop understanding for information presented to her at all levels. Paige is currently learning AutoCAD and is working at a similar pace as my college students. This is the third CAD program she has learned and excelled at in my course, including previously used programs: Chief Architect and SketchUp.

Paige also takes another CTE class, Health Occupations, in which she takes every opportunity to participate in job shadowing opportunities. She is one of the first GI-TEC students to go through the Phlebotomist program. 

Paige is active in the GI-TEC BPA chapter and working hard to go to Nationals this year. She commits many hours of free time to fundraising for BPA events and is willing to get in front of businesses to do so. She is also already planning out prom for the Senior class at MPHS!

Somehow, she also manages to teach dance, take dance classes, and work a part time job! 

This amazing student deserves recognition for the success she’s made, and I would love to see her win Student of the Month.




Nominating Teacher: Pat Onstott- Digital Media

Jaydin Ruhle has been in Digital Media for the past two years. She has excelled in the area of multimedia design and production. She is a tremendously talented creator of promotional materials (especially in video production). She has a great skillset for organizing, producing, and editing projects. She is the “go-to” person to get things done. Her passion, energy, and enthusiasm are infectious.   Jaydin has created multiple multimedia edits that have been used for school, community, and business purposes. Her skills have been witnessed in her current GI-TEC Co-op Web Editor position.  In that position, she produces daily web content, promo videos, and designs. In addition, she is the  executive producer and anchor of the weekly Oil Spill segment and livestreams events for the school Broadcasting Program and BUCK92. Her abilities have been nationally recognized as she is a member of the Broadcast News Team that competed at the National Business Professionals of America competition. As talented as Jaydin is as a multimedia artist, she is even more inspiring as a student. She possesses a positive attitude, dependable work habits, and high level of trustworthiness and character. In addition to her academics, Jaydin has participated in a number of activities such as: Business Professionals of America, MPHS Student Senate, Proud Equestrian Program, School Broadcasting Program, 4H, Varsity Tennis, Central Michigan Tennis Association Youth Coach, and working at the Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm. Jaydin is an example of what the “Student of the Month” should be.